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    La Prophetika
    La Prophetika

    Camille Safiya NXNE-Toronto MiniDoc

    Relive Camille Safiya’s journey at the NXNE Festival in Toronto Shot By: David Butler {IG: @QuikCulture} & […]

    40 oz Dreams


    Island Gyal

    Music Video x Camille Safiya performing the first single, Island Gyal from "Island Blues | The Sonic Memoirs"

    Listening Session

    ISLAND BLUES [The Sonic Memoirs] kickback listening session

    Phunky Philly

    Camille Safiya sings the soliloquies of her growing pains as an artist living in North Philadelphia.

    Immortal Souls

    CAMILLE SAFIYA'S bold debut IMMORTAL SOULS was written on the banks of the Nile River in the midst of the Egyptian Revolution. Her militant world music paves the way for a new age of truth, rooted in the revolutionary sounds of Bob Marley's Rebel Music.

    TheThird x Camille Safiya

    TheThird Presents: Camille Safiya Photoshoot Promo

    Young G’z: Camille Safiya & Frankie P

    Christian Mordi (@Mordi_TheComeUp) talked with songstress Camille Safiya (@CamilleSafiya) and phenomenal producer Frankie P (@FrankieP325), two young […]

    HYPEFRESH® Magazine

    HypeFresh Magazine gets a moment with New Jerseys very own eclectic soul songstress Camille Safiya after an […]

    Camille Safiya for Spectrum

    The Kaleidoscope Vision is a vision of possibilities. A manner in which you approach your life and […]


    Camille Safiya has traveled the world with her eyes, ears, and soul wide open, soaking in all the art, music, and language; and then translating that into her own sounds and paintings. Born into a multicultural family Camille has created her own lane as diverse as her bloodline. As a young revolutionary spirit she grew up traveling the world with her mother’s Feminist movement, protesting against domestic violence and global civil rights issues before she could even walk. Her music today is a melting pot of all she’s learned from her family and world travels. As an Abstract painter Camille is interested in breaking down the boundaries of the music world with a fresh new Abstract sound that will be received across the world.

    Drawing inspiration from Bob Marley, Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige, Nas, Erykah Badu, MIA, Nneka and Damian Marley has allowed Camille Safiya to create her unique and empowering sound. The first song released, “Immortal Souls” featuring L.atasha A.lcindor was written in Egypt during the revolution, and it led listeners into her complex, forward-thinking mind. Her second release titled, “Phunky Philly” takes listeners on a trip around North Philadelphia, where struggle is evident. Her most recent single, ’40 Oz. Dreamz’ details the emotional roller coaster that is trying to make it in New York City. Camille is currently preparing for her second EP release entitled, ’24K’.

    Camille Safiya graduated from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She graduated as one of the top 20 painters in her class. She has held Solo exhibitions at Columbia and Harvard Universities. Safiya’s paintings are currently exhibited at Harvard Medical School. Camille Safiya has done live painting performances at countless venues in New York City and Philadelphia.

    She has worked with producers Al’Tarba, Synematik, Avenue, Frankie P and more. Producers gravitate towards her new, fresh sound. Look out for Camille Safiya to be an international household-name very soon! Keep an eye out for her forthcoming EP entitled “24K‘!


    Island Blues


    Get Camille Safiya’s debut Project “Island Blues | The Sonic Memoirs” via free download

    Island Blues | The Sonic Memoirs

    Get it now



    New Music!

    New original music by Camille Safiya


     Coming Soon | 2014



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